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When compared with copper mesh, brass is more durable and cheap. Brass is not only corrosion resistance, but also namagnichennosti, has a high resistance to wet abrasion, temperature extremes, vibration. easily deformed in a cold state. Great adaptability — flexibility, heat resistance, chemical resistance, allowed brass mesh to take a worthy place in the modern industry. It is important that after recycling brass can be reused. Such a grid is important not only in manufacturing but also everyday life, used for straining liquids and loose substances.


Woven brass mesh is made by mutually perpendicular interwoven wires with wire bases duck, the Cell has a square shape. The data grid on the accuracy rank are divided into the following categories:

• Normal precision, labeled «H» is used for filtering gases, liquids, industrial condensate;

• High precision, marked B, is the separation by size of granular substances;

•The control labeled «K», is used to control the particle size of the granular substances.


Woven brass grid has all the positive qualities of the material from which it is made. Easy installation brass meshes, aesthetic appearance, long service life and reasonable price make them popular in many areas. It is used for:

• sifting and separating, sorting of bulk materials;

•filtration industrial condensate, gaseous, and liquid substances;

•drying of materials;

•cleaning of air from dust;

•filtering under pressure;

•washing the clay mud in the oil industry;

•processing of ore concentrates.


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