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Three basic types of weave (plain, twill and galonne) for modern filter grids usually use galonne weave. The name comes from the technology of weaving braids — elements of military uniforms from the Golden or silver braid. When galuna weaving threads are interwoven most intimately close to each other. Get a so-called zero cells which is not translucent to light. This uses the base material thicker material duck. When galuna weaving the throughput of the mesh is stored in sufficient volume.


The mesh material can be copper, steel, nichrome, non-ferrous alloys. The strength of steel mesh, are certainly higher than other materials. Standard roll width is 1000 mm. the Parameters of the cell mesh lace woven not determine cell size and number of wires per unit length, usually per inch. The number grid denote the number of wires to the required length. When the minimum diameter of the wire will be more room. In the range according to GOST 3187−76 — grid with numbers from 20 to 200. They are represented by letter and number. For example, Г28, which means galonne netting with twenty-six threads per inch. The diameter of the warp and weft correlated as 0,6 mm 0,4 mm. Woven filter mesh lace woven release with minimal tolerance.


Woven filter mesh lace woven with a minimum tolerance used for filtering of solutions, suspensions and dusty atmosphere, industrial condensate, drying materials. Mesh with great tolerance relevant for the separation of dry materials and slurries, such as clay suspensions.


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