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Mesh woven wire single formed by cross-weaving wire (threads) the basics with the weft threads, which are located across the mesh. Such a grid is characterized by several criteria: the type of weave is plain weave and twill. Plain weave is characterized by the fact that the grid formed by the alternate interlacing of warp with weft. When twill the production method of the warp and weft threads usually are interwoven using two threads. The aspect ratio of the cell distinguish a grid with rectangular and square cells. The mesh material can be copper, steel, nichrome, non-ferrous alloys. The strength of steel mesh, are certainly higher than other materials. Standard roll width is 1000 mm. the Rolls are Packed in bags weighing no more than 1,000 pounds.


Mesh woven wire single has the following advantages. First, it is easy to produce. Further, the fine mesh allows for the screening to obtain a homogeneous substance, which is especially important for mortars. Density weaving ensures a good ventilation and serves as an excellent filter for filtering industrial condensate.


Separation of liquid, powdery substances on fractions. It can be cement, metal ores, coal dust, any construction mixtures. This woven mesh is used for drying materials, it is relevant in the purification system of air and gas mixtures. The practicality of this woven mesh can be widely used in various spheres of human activity.


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