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Woven wire mesh low carbon wire formed cross weave low carbon wire warp threads with the weft threads, which are located across the mesh. Manufacturer of woven wire mesh is performed using a special metal-machine. Such a grid is characterized by several criteria: the type of weave is the plain weave and twill salonnogo. Plain weave is characterized by the fact that the grid formed by the alternate interlacing of warp with weft. When twill the production method of the warp and weft threads usually are interwoven using two threads. The aspect ratio of the cell distinguish a grid with rectangular and square cells. Manufacture of woven carbon mesh is regulated by GOST 3826−82. Standard mesh width of two meters.


Depending on the size of the cell in the light is determined by the scope of mesh:

• sifting and separating, sorting of bulk materials;

•filtration industrial condensate, gaseous, and liquid substances;

•drying of materials;

•cleaning of air from dust;

•filtering under pressure;

•washing the clay mud in the oil industry;

•processing of ore concentrates;

•the protection of objects, areas or danger zones in plants, facilities,


The main advantages of using mesh is woven by low carbon are ease of installation and transport, reusability due to its strength and reliability. It is cheaper stainless mesh, but are subject to corrosion, due to which it cannot use in contact with aggressive media.


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