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A woven conveyor mesh is low carbon or stainless steel wire plain weaving. Manufacture of woven carbon mesh is regulated by GOST 3826−82. The standard width of one to two meters. Difference conveyor mesh is that the wire runs along the base of the flag. The thickness of this wire mesh can be 0,2−2,5 mm, side square mesh from 0.4 to 20 mm. Under the order is made, the grid mesh of 0.04 mm. Conveyor cloth is made on a special metal-machine and its type can be not only a plain weave, but salonnogo and twill.


This type of mesh is highly functional, allows us to solve fairly complex engineering problems in many industries. Conveyor mesh belts are made of special refractory alloys for use at high temperatures in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, corrosion resistant non-ferrous alloys for chemical, refining, pulp and paper industry. Such grids are easy to install, have low weight. Can be used not only for transport but also for drying, heat treatment, cooling. Relevant in the food industry because it does not pollute the products. Such a grid is a very useful material not only for moving but also for sifting ingredients. Mesh of special materials have a high resistance to tearing, have a minimum coefficient of friction, different non-stick qualities, resistant to aggressive environments. They can be used in high humidity conditions. They have a high capacity.

quality requirements

· Resistance to tensile efforts;

· breaking strength of at least 2000 N/ cm;

· surface mesh density of not less than 160 g/sq m;

· density armoured anti-vandal mesh 340 g/sq m;

· residual strength after testing in a solution of caustic alkali should be not less than 750 N/ cm.


Transportation, drying, heat treatment, cooling parts and products. Used in tunnel ovens for the movement and firing of household and industrial ceramics. This grid current in the food industry because it meets the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. Such a grid is a very useful material not only for moving but also for sifting of products in the bakery and confectionery industry.


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