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Kanilirovannaya woven wire mesh is a product made in a special form of weaving. In the manufacture of welding is not applied. Such a grid gives the design a high strength capable of withstanding large static and impact loads. Kanilirovannaya grid is easy to manufacture, transportation and installation. Particularly easy to mount and to transport it in the form of maps. Used in the manufacture of wire of stainless alloy mesh allows to obtain a mesh with high anti-corrosion properties, long life in adverse climatic conditions.


Manufacturer kannelirovannye mesh, low carbon, stainless steel or galvanized wire normalizes GOST 3306−88. The basis mesh is the wire cross-sections up to 10 mm. Before wire netting is subjected to corrugation, that is, deformation in a given profile. Due to this the mesh gets more rigid. To increase stiffness you can use a thicker wire made of special high strength alloys. The grid cell square size of 1.6 — 100 mm. Under the order made a grid with cells of large size.


Kanilirovannaya mesh has high strength, able to withstand vibration, long-term static and impact load, so use for the manufacture of industrial screens. It is designed for sifting ores of nonferrous and ferrous metals, pellets, oil shale, coke, anthracite, crushed stone, sinter, building materials, fragmentation of ferroalloys. Can be used for reinforcement of concrete structures, strengthening of heat insulation, for the protection of private and industrial territories, for the manufacture of lightweight metal. Galvanized mesh is used when laying the roadway, used by the automotive industry, the aircraft industry. It is widespread in the food and chemical industry as resistant to food acids and aggressive media.


Kanilirovannaya mesh is supplied in rolls or cards. Length of net per roll 1000 mm Length card can be up to five meters. Under the order of the supplied map of greater length. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. The company «_" represents an infinite range of metal meshes. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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