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The filter is a replaceable part of the filter designed to filter and purify circulating in the loop environment. Solid mechanical particles trapped in the loop, rust, sand, etc. can be distributed throughout the circulation system and damage mechanisms of pumps, compressors, climate control, etc. Particles of the pollutants are the cause of abrasive wear. They act on the adjacent friction surfaces and cause abrasion of moving parts. The choice of filter depends on the environment, to clean which it is used: air, water, fuel. Produce filter drier, fine filter and coarse filter.

clean fuel

The filter for cleaning fuel, engine oil, exhaust fumes relevant in engineering. They are essential elements of all types of engines of cars, ships, planes.

hydraulic filter elements

Maintain cleanliness of circulating water, prevent dirt and foreign particles of rust, sand, prevent the early wear of pumps and compressors. Experts know that more than 50% of the current malfunctions of hydraulic systems due to external blockage. The use of filter elements supported the system in good condition. Hydraulic filter elements are installed in domestic pipelines and transmission networks, in hydraulic systems for loading and unloading, earth moving equipment. drilling rigs, etc.

pressure filter elements

Has a filter device which is designed for counteracting water hammer and pressure in some tens atmospheres.

drain filter elements

Designed for throughput of up to 200 liters per minute, thus are the most highly efficient filter that is able to capture particles of cross-sections up to 25 microns. This level of treatment ensures long-term trouble-free operation of the entire system.


At all stages of manufacturing are under strict control, which eliminates the appearance of marriage. The basis element is a corrugated cylinder of synthetic specially treated canvas, with sides ends of steel or wire mesh. The outside of the filter curtain is covered with a metal grid and a perforated tube through which the circulating medium enters the inside of the filter housing. The ends of the corrugated curtain is hermetically connected with plastic shells and eliminates leakage. The filter element inside the glass sump is sealed on all ends of the rubber gasket from butadiene rubber. The filters are produced with modern equipment of high quality materials that guarantee efficient filtration.


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