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Flange expansion joint with a flexible insert, or the so-called vibrostable, which is a subsidiary element and has no effect on its functionality compensates for axial load and vibration of the pipeline. Elastic inserts made from heat-resistant synthetic material, resistant to pressure fluctuations and prolonged action of hot water. It is a flexible insert takes the brunt of the burden at the time of hydraulic impact in the transverse or longitudinal displacement.


· Have a small weight;

· ease of installation;

· reduction of heat losses;

· reduce the level of vibration and noise;

· does not require maintenance during the whole operating life;

· easily installed in remote places, the installation is carried out without the use of welded equipment.

Flange expansion joint saves considerable funds for the repair or replacement of the fragments of the pipeline system, the purchase of new equipment, which inevitably becomes unusable at constant temperature deformations.


Any pipes that are experiencing thermal load, vibration, pressure fluctuations. Flanged compensator prevents protects tubing from the critical deformations and significantly lengthens its service life. These devices are relevant in processing industries, heating and ventilation, and other places where the pipes are subjected to great pressure, temperature and possibly mechanical damage. Flanged compensator neutralizes the change in length of pipe due to temperature changes, which reduces the risk of pipeline failure. Used at a maximum pressure of 16 atmospheres and a temperature of 115 0 C.


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