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The continuous fluctuations of air temperature and work environments have an effect on the materials of pipelines. In this regard, they are subjected to undue stress, strain, displacement, vibration. To avoid these phenomena, and used special elastic elements of the compensator. They are able to absorb thermal fluctuations and vibration, reduce the need for regular technical supervision.


Expansion joints are used in pipelines and ducts experiencing load associated with thermal expansion under the action of the transported gases or hot liquids. In addition to this type of load, the pipeline and the compensator needs to withstand corrosion and vibration. The reason for the latter is the compressor and pump installations. Compensators are widely used by engineering, thermal power, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. With expansion came the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


For the effective use of expansion joints must consider the following factors:

· pressure in the system;

· the corrosion resistance of the material;;

· aggressiveness and t° working environment;

· the duration of operating cycles;

· the nature of the movements;

· frequency and amplitude;

· vibration, variable dynamic loads;

· mounting method.

types of expansion joints

1. Gland.

Today it is most common. Produces: single-sided and double-sided gland expansion joint. It is used in the systems of steam and water circuits.

2. Bellows.

Provides protection from all types of deformation, has a long service life, maintenance-free. Compensates for shear, axial, and vibrational loading.

3. Lenses.

Used in boiler plants and industrial furnaces. This is the most simple and cheap device.

4. Rubber (anti-vibration).

Vibration and noise from equipment. Made from high quality rubber.

5. Fabric.

Significant work dampens vibrations. Produced a variety of diameters, has good compensating capability in a wide temperature range.


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