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The lens compensators are used in boiler plants and industrial furnaces. This is the most simple and cheap device, used only in a non-aggressive or slightly aggressive environments. Current in pipelines and ducts experiencing load associated with thermal expansion under the action of the transported gases or hot liquids. Working temperature from cryogenic up to +425 0 C. Thanks to such devices, have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


The production of standardized OST, for lens compensators section up to 220 cm for compensating thermal elongation of the contours along the pipeline axis. According to the standard expansion joints are manufactured from alloy steel, si-mn current 09G2S, 09Г2ДТ, 09Г2Т.

Percentage composition of 09G2S

With N As Si Ni Cr Mn P S Cu Fe
≤0,12 ≤0,008 ≤0,08 0,5−0,8 ≤0.3 mm ≤0.3 mm 1,3−1,7 ≤0,035 ≤0,04 0,3 basis

The package further includes a protective inner cover in the form of a sleeve that protects the corrugations or lenses from unnecessary mechanical impurities passing through the compensator together with the working environment. There are 2 types of lens expansion joints: flanged and butt weld.

axial lens compensators

This type of expansion joints are used in almost all industries in the media: steam, water at pressure up to 1.6 MPa. The device has a rather simple design: a pair of polylines, welded together at the tops. To vertices not accumulate condensation, expansion joints are equipped with special devices branch pipes. To prevent clogging with dirt of the lens compensator is equipped with an internal protective pipe. The level of the compensating ability of the device depends on the number of lenses — the more used, the higher its compensating ability.

corner lens compensators

Offset by the angular displacements of thermal elongation of piping. Have a U-shaped Z — or V-shaped. This paulenz, which is equipped with a reinforcing cushion and hinge system in a water or steam environment at temperatures up to 425 °C. Due to this, the compensator can be moved in the angular plane. The compensation ability of the lens devices is not measured in millimeters, as in minutes and degrees.

corner twin lens compensators

This type of device not only compensates for angular, but also shear and displacement of the pipeline circuit. The principle of operation of such compensators is similar to the conventional corner compensation devices. However, a different arrangement of joints enables diverse bias circuit. To use them in a slightly aggressive and non-aggressive environments at t to 425 °C with a pressure below 1.6 MPa.


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