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Reinforced metal hose high pressure has an internal thread taper angle 74°, guaranteeing an airtight fit to the tubing. The sleeve nut is made of stainless steel corrugated hose (special braided) length of 25 cm to six meters. Used billet in the form of a pipe, which is cut profile rings along a helix. To enhance the bearing capacity in the trench is laid a spiral of stainless wire. Sealed reinforced metal hose type RGTA length up to six metres and is designed for a working pressure of 280 atmospheres, and has an inner cross section of 6 — 16 mm thickness 0,2 — 0,3 mm. metal hose Be relevant for transient inconsistencies, as well as in remote nodes of the dock, impossible to perform the welding operation.


The transport of liquid and gaseous media, including aggressive and explosive. Such metal hose is indispensable for the accelerated installation of pipelines minimum diameter. Provides compensation axial and thermal expansion, absorbs vibrations in the pipeline. Operating conditions the following.

• Working medium: steam, water, condensate, gas, oil products.

• Working pressure: vacuum to 210 kg/sq. cm

• Permissible temperature from cryogenic to +800°C.


For installation you must have keys to tighten the cap nut. In the area of the fitting should be neutral areas that are not subject to deformation during operation. The installation provides a minimum length loose sites — no more than two meters. For supports use clamps or special trays.


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