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Flexible corrugated metal hose attaches to a part, which is based on high-alloy stainless steel 12x18н10т and its foreign counterparts. Flutes can be helical or annular, additionally sleeves can armirovat braid. The most practical are annular corrugations. They are the most resistant to high pressure and longitudinal stretching. Due to the metal braided sleeve can withstand the highest pressure. The number of braids depends on the working pressure. For the braid is a wire mesh stainless steel 12KH18N9T cross-section 0,2−0,5 mm. Braid to the end of the sleeve attached to a connecting fixture. Quality metal hose have a number of requirements, in particular should not be dangling wires, mechanical damage, penetrating defects. Metal hose butt weld produced section 20 — 350 mm length from 25 cm up to six metres. An example of the product label 4655А-2−65−45−5.

• 4655А — series metal hose,

• 2 — ground operating conditions,

• 65 — nominal diameter,

• 45 — operating pressure in kg/sq. cm,

• 5 — the length is five meters.


The application can be air, land and sea. Sleeves provide for circulation of gaseous and liquid environments at temperatures from cryogenic to +650°C, With a pressure range from vacuum up to three hundred Bar. Metal hose widely used in the engineering industry, process industry, power, metallurgy, operation of the refrigeration equipment. They are relevant in the mines for pumping mine water, ventilation systems.


Installation is limited in areas where the velocity of the fluids is more than 8 m/s, and gaseous environments — more than 50,0 m/s. the Length should be such to prevent twisting or excessive stretching of the sleeve. In the area of the fitting should be neutral areas that are not subject to deformation during operation. The installation provides a minimum length loose sites — no more than two meters. For supports use clamps or special trays.


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