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The metal hoses are flexible connective fragments of pipelines. They are designed to operate over a wide temperature range at high pressure. Can transport corrosive liquids or gases, while ensuring the tightness of the circuit.


Flexible corrugated metal hose attaches to a part, which is based on high-alloy stainless steel. Flutes can be helical or annular, additionally sleeves can armirovat braid. The most practical are annular corrugations. They are the most resistant to high pressure and longitudinal stretching. Due to the metal braided sleeve can withstand the highest pressure. The number of braids depends on the working pressure. For the braid is a wire mesh stainless steel 12KH18N9T section 0,3−0,6 mm. Braid to the end of the sleeve attached to a connecting fixture. Quality metal hose have a number of requirements, in particular should not be dangling wires, mechanical damage, penetrating defects.


The metal hose is transported, the working environment temperature up to 400 °C. Due to its ability to absorb vibration, to work under variable dynamic loads, metal hose widely used in the engineering industry, process industry, power, metallurgy, operation of the refrigeration equipment. They are relevant in the mines for pumping mine water, ventilation systems. The lifetime depends on the following factors:

• pressure in the system

• aggressiveness and t° work environment

• the number of load cycles,

• the nature of the movement,

• frequency and amplitude,

• bending radius

• vibration, variable dynamic loads.

When working it should not prevent resonant oscillations, it is necessary to monitor the pressure of the fluid, especially of a pulsating nature, which are industrial pumps. To increase the lifetime, it is recommended to enter in the system damping device.

Temperature, ° C The coefficient, k
<40 Of 1.00
40 0,98
70 0,95
80 0,94
90 0,98
100 0,91
110 0,91
125 0,89
140 0,88
155 0,87
185 0,84
200 0,82
250 0,77
315 0,71
400 0,69

The minimum length of hose

The diameter Dy, mm The minimum length of hose
6−16 250
20−50 300
70−100 500
125−150 800
200−250 1000

Limit deviations of the length of the spiral wrap

The length of the hose, mm Limit deviations
Diameter not exceeding 50 mm Diameter more than 50 mm
250−300 ±3 ±5
300−1000 ±10 ±15
1000−1500 ±30 ±30
1500−3000 ±40 ±60
3000−6000 ±100 ±200


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