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Stainless steel flanges are used for sealing pipe joints and also for mounting of valves. Stainless flanges are not the deficit, it can be purchased from domestic producers. For the import of pipeline valves — preferably imported steel flanges (AISI 304 — DIN, ISO). They come in a range of diameters (DN15 — du150) and designed for pressures up to 16 ATM. For domestic and imported steel flanges part center distance for mounting are not the same.


Stainless steel flanges are divided in the parameters, conditional pressure type sealing surface. By way of attachment distinguish between collar flanges (mounted back to back) — GOST 12821−80 and flat (GOST 12820−80), the latter usually have a connecting ledge and Do within a 10 — 1600, they are designed for pressures up to 250 ATM. Flanges of steel 12KH18N10T is used at a temperature from minus forty degrees to +300°C. weld Neck flanges flanges is provided with a conical projection, which is welded to the pipe. The connection end has a shape of a collar. Have of collar flanges up to nine sealing surfaces.


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