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GOST 17375−2001 standardized form of stainless steel elbows, sizes, bending radius, grades, pressure. Domestic stainless steel taps are usually seamless with thick walls have an R=1.5 D and is designed for pressures up to 100 ATM. Imported have a welded seam, smooth on the outside, but easily identifiable inside. Branded outlets have walls thinner and are designed for lower pressure. The following alloy 12X18H10T 304 AISI, 304L AISI, at least: 10X17H13M2T, AISI 316. Standard bending angle 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°. Under the order possibly production of other angles.


Taps share workflows, and connect the pipe if necessary to change the spatial configuration of the structure. Stainless steel elbows are relevant in any modern production, especially where there are aggressive or toxic fluids. Taps thread used in domestic gas and plumbing water pipes, the diameters of the taps DN from 6 to 100 (1/8″ — 4″). Inner thread on the ends is denoted as BP-BP, and the inner at one end and outer at the other is denoted as BP-NR. The interior bleached imported taps with variously surface-treated to have a more aesthetic appearance. The most common surface — dull, but also use the brushed and the mirror bends. For temporary corrosion protection them wrapped in foil to retain during storage and transportation.


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