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Stainless transitions allow you to change the diameter of the pipe from larger to smaller and Vice versa. The most relevant transitions of aluminium alloys and stainless steel. Transitions stainless steel indispensable for the transportation of corrosive and toxic substances by chemical and processing companies. Such bends are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. They meet the strictest sanitary standards, and are therefore used in the food industry, provide long-term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment.


Domestic stainless steel transitions have a thicker wall and is designed for pressures up to 100 atmospheres. The production of standardized 26−18−38−90 TU and GOST 17378−2001. The most frequently used grade of steel 08KH18N10T and 12KH18N10T.

Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72

Alloy C Si   Cu Ti Mn P S Cr Fe
12KH18N10T ≤0,12 ≤0,8 ≤0.3 mm ≤0,8 ≤2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 17−19 basis

Imported stainless transitions — welded with a thinner wall, have less weight and are designed for lower pressure. The most commonly used steel grade: 304 AISI, 304L AISI, at least 316 AISI (AISI 316L).


Eccentric reducers are marked with e, and concentric (also called conical) marked C. concentric reducer — both diameters (larger and smaller) are located on the same axis of symmetry. From eccentric — one wall of the tube is straight, and on the opposite there is a change from one diameter to another.


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