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Gland compensators belong to the category of conventional compensation devices, used for many years to optimize operation of pipeline equipment. They are relevant for steam and water circuits, where the pressure does not exceed 2.5 MPa and a temperature of 200−300°C. is Used in overhead and underground laying of heating mains, compensate for angular and linear displacement.


The device consists of two steel pipes. Pipe with a smaller diameter is inserted into a large, and the space between them is filled with the packing gasket. From the outside of the unit, there are special constraints that prevent loss of the inner tube. Use of thick steel pipe, and stuffing box gasket is a heat-resistant rubber or gasket brands AP-31, A. R. Produced:

· one-sided gland expansion joints. They consist of rolling glass and the housing;

· two — way- consist of two movable glasses and elongated body;


Small size, high compensating capacity and minimum flow resistance. Thanks to the compactness, expansion joints are placed in narrow channels and chambers. Easily installed and removed. Repairs or replacement of the packing does not require much time.


It is impractical to use this type of compensator under high pressure and often high temperature differences. When using them it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of leakage. In connection with they are not used in contact with corrosive, toxic or expensive media.


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