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Modern metal meshes are made from alloys of austenitic class. Dadvantages of this steel allow the use of mesh for 20−30 years without losing performance. Chromium and Nickel in the alloys protects the surface from wet corrosion and corrosion cracking in aggressive environments. Supplements silicon, manganese additionally improve manufacturability and performance. All grids are divided into several types — depending on the method of production, area, and shape of cell (square, rhombus, 6-sided), strengths, areas of use. Masonry grid relevant to construction works, starting from Foundation and ending with interior trim. They are used to make the design more durable.


Most of the grids except at places or had exhaust, made of metal wire. Use high-quality steel or low carbon brand with zinc or without. At places or had exhaust — made from sheet metal, which are applied perforation, and then stretched on a special mill. Depending on the purposes for which grid is designed, it is reinforcing, or welded wire.

welded wire mesh

Such grid can be of the following types: road, reinforcing, masonry etc. Use contact welding at the intersections of the wires. The main advantage of such products are strength and resistance to deformation. If you need extra corrosion resistance after welding is applied zinc coating.

woven mesh

Used for enclosures of plots, reinforcement and masonry mixtures. Is created from low carbon steel wire of high ductility weave spiral segments. Can be operated under open air at high humidity. Maintenance or replacement in 20−30 years. Especially practical mesh with PVC coating.

grid with fixed cells

Is the reinforcement of plaster, reinforcement of masonry mixtures. Also used for drying, filtering, food processing industry. The method of twisting is made of mesh tention that practicality today occupies one of leading places.

a grid of sheet metal

At places or had ventilation grid made from sheet metal, which are applied perforation, and then stretched on a special mill. Used low carbon steel of minimum thickness. Relevant for production platforms and stairs.


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