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Bellows compensator consists of one or more corrugated bellows of stainless steel protective and restrictive fittings. The bellows compensate for lateral, longitudinal, angular, and bending displacements that occur during thermal expansions or mechanical oscillation circuits, differential pressures, hydrodynamic shock. Expansion joints made of high strength materials, resistant to aggressive environment.


Energy, petrochemical, gas production, industrial heat networks and household heating system. Used in systems with liquid and gaseous media, at high pressures and temperatures. Possess a high degree of resistance to cyclic deformation. Are characterized by perfect sealing, can work in vacuum conditions, when abrupt changes in pressure and temperature. Mounted anywhere in the pipeline. Characterized by economic profitability, small size and simple maintenance. Thanks to them, significantly reducing costs for repair of pipelines.


Axial bellows compensator neutralizes temperature fluctuations thermal loops. Installed only on straight sections of the pipeline. Widely used in heat networks, pumping installations, water heating installations, etc.

angular bellows expansion joint

These expansion joints have a minimum size and a significant bend angle. Used in heating networks and in the processing industry. Installed on the non-linear parts of the pipeline.

shift bellows compensator

These devices counteract transverse and axial shifts. Used in contact with water, petroleum products, industrial condensate, steam. There are two varieties of these devices: odnoselchane 2 bellows.


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