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The choice of metal hoses for a particular section of tubing or connection equipment with the pipeline is based on the following factors:

• pressure in the system

• aggressiveness and t° work environment

• the number of load cycles,

• the nature of the movement,

• frequency and amplitude,

• bending radius

• vibration, variable dynamic loads

• steel to be used for braiding.

For example, the basis steel braid marks 20H23N18 are iron, Nickel and chromium. Thanks to the latest elements, the surface of the material when in contact with atmospheric air is covered by a solid film of oxide nature, which protects the product from harmful influence of aggressive environment. The Nickel gives sufficient ductility braid. Metal hoses with steel braid marks 20H23N18 can be used at temperatures from cryogenic to +600 degrees and an operating pressure from vacuum to 350 Bar. Used in all industries for pumping fuels, lubricants, steam. Working in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. And compensate for axial thermal expansion and absorb vibration of operating equipment, extend the life of the pipelines.

categories of resistance

Table durability, presented in the form of a table, which reflects the list of about 70 names liquid, powdery or gaseous fluids, whose effects on steel are divided into five grades of firmness:

• TC — boiling point,

• 2 — the use of a sleeve is unacceptable,

• 3 — considerable degree of corrosion, the minimum period of operation,

• 4 — good resistance steel,

• 5 — excellent resistance.


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