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Fabric expansion joints are used in contact with aggressive media. Material for the manufacture of a fluoropolymer. These devices are able to withstand the effects of alkalis, acids, industrial condensate. At a relatively minimum dimensions have high compensating ability and elasticity. Scope of application: industrial system of gas purification and gas removal.

General characteristics

Fabric compensator has a protective and connecting fittings of chemically resistant and heat-resistant materials that have composite tissue box. To improve the reliability and durability of the expansion joints using only the highest quality materials, resistant to a wide range of temperatures and high gas tightness. This insulation is able to withstand mechanical damage, alkali, acid. So the compensator can work in high temperatures, it is additionally equipped with insulation. Typically, the insulation used in the design along with metal inlay. A flexible element disposed adjacent to the main stream, and protected from damage telescopic protective shield and insulation.

cold-resistant expansion joints

Working under moderate or low temperatures. For production we use 1 or 2 layers of gas-tight material. Used to compensate for temperature fluctuations and neutralize vibration during equipment operation. Scope of application: fans, ducts ventilation.

heat-resistant expansion joints

For their production using special layers of insulating materials. They have an excellent compensatory capacity. Installed in areas where the temperature of the passing gases can reach +500 0 C. Scope of application: process gas ducts, pipelines, equipment of thermal power plants, draft machines.

expansion joints with extra insulation

These devices have a number of additional gas-tight and insulating layers. Characterized by a large compensating ability in a minimum of space. The choice of material matters installation location and ambient temperature. Such expansion joints are installed in areas where the temperature can reach 1200 °C. the flue blast furnace gas, gas compressors, compressor plants, furnace boilers, gas turbines, convective mine.


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