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Valves needed to control gas, liquid, fluid and powder flows. Installed in all pipelines, tanks. Widely used in industrial plants, urban water services and sanitation. Installation of either type of reinforcement depends on the following operational parameters:

· density, temperature and aggressiveness of the environment;

· pressure;

· type of drive;

· heat resistance,

· corrosion resistance,

· bandwidth

· wear-resistance.

Valves classified on valves and control and on the controlled and Autonomous. The control valve regulates the speed of movement of the working environment. There is a kind of reinforcement that combines shut-off and control functions. Mounted on large hydraulic structures and the Central highway.

classification by purpose

Valves — the valves and the valves serve to shut off the flow and are separated according to the degree of tightness. This is the most popular type of pipe fittings. Valves, gates, taps refer to water valves. Used in water supply, heating, Sewerage. Stopper — locks the thread, turning along the axis perpendicular to the pipeline. Valves have a locking device, moving perpendicular to the direction of flow. They are mounted by means of flanges, which are mounted studs or bolts. Gate valves are characterized by low hydraulic resistance and bulkiness. So the more popular is the ball valve.


The connecting pipes (sleeve, flanged, and weld-capkova) connect the valves to the pipeline. Valves have flanged connections welded to the flanges. Fittings to be mounted on gas lines and varies in structure. Serves to change the direction and pressure of the flowing gas.


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