newsImg 22 March 2019
The world production volumes grew in January

The World Steel Association, shared the latest data for January 2019. She gave their statistics in 64 countries. In January world steel output amounted to 146.7 million tons. The index increased by 1% compared to the same period.

newsImg 19 March 2019
The company AsstrA carried 10150 tonnes of steel sheet piles for the construction of the pipeline

Transport and logistics company AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG has carried out the project delivery. This was from 15 September to 1 December last year. It was transported 10150 tons of steel pile. It is necessary for the construction...

newsImg 14 March 2019
Mechel could lose a large investment project

It is known that the company Mechel overly acreditando. His duty is 5.1 EBITDA. It may lose a large investment project. We are talking about the project Elga. To lose his company may in the current year. Then after...

newsImg 11 March 2019
Korean steel company suffered quota in the United States

Korean Agency for trade and investment shared fresh information. It is known that Korea agreed with the export quotas in the United States. It happened last year. This allowed her to break free from the actions of the us steel...

newsImg 9 March 2019
On Sinarsky pipe plant to work the new equipment

Sinarsky pipe plant (SinTZ) is a part of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK). It was launched into operation new equipment. We are talking about machine for grinding and polishing the outer surface of the pipe. The process applies...

newsImg 6 March 2019
Indian Nagarnar steel plant will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year

In the Indian state of Chhattisgarh is actively constructed a new iron and steel plant Nagarnar. Its design capacity is 3 million tons per year. The construction involved the leading Indian state Corporation NMDC iron ore. Initially,...

newsImg 1 March 2019
Donald trump wants to deprive the right to impose tariffs

The US President had had just enough to spoil the relation with other countries. Last year, Donald trump entered the steel and aluminum tariffs. This has led to the deterioration of U.S. relations with other countries. Especially the situation...

newsImg 27 February 2019
As the growth of the volume of production of vehicles affected by the situation on the metals market

Sectoral statistical organization EV-Volumes provided data for last year. So the world production volume of electric vehicles significantly increased. Compared to the 2017 year it has increased by 63%. Sales volume totaled 2.08...

newsImg 21 February 2019
Hongqiao Group has undertaken to restore the performance of your aluminum plant

Hongqiao Group is one of the largest companies in China producing aluminium. It has aluminum factory, located in Binzhou. It’s in Shandong province. January 31 was the deadline of the seasonal restrictions. Because...

newsImg 19 February 2019
Chinese steel companies believe in the best

At the end of January the index has grown substantially. Growth amounted to just 5.9 points in comparison with December. This index characterizes the expectations of the market participant. In this situation we are talking...

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