newsImg 11 January 2019
The Chilean copper mine Collahuasi will upgrade

Copper mine Collahuasi is one of the largest in the world. This refers to macedoniaa industry. It is located in Northern Chile. He stands at a height of about 4 thousand meters above sea level. The...

newsImg 9 January 2019
Krabovoe the first ship of the Russian production launched

Crablouse craft project 03070 «Rus» was created design Bureau «Pella». Also in the development of the project was attended by the customer himself. They were made by the far Eastern company «Antey».

newsImg 5 January 2019
Mongolia sent a cargo locomotives from Transmashholding

Bryansk engineering plant is part of JSC «Transmashholding». He made a mainline freight locomotives 2ТЭ25КМ. Three new locomotive has already been sent to Mongolia. The customer was JSC «Ulan-Bator railway».

newsImg 3 January 2019
BMK has mastered 17 of the new steel of new products this year

Beloretsk metallurgical plant Mechel refers to. This year, the company has mastered 17 steel products. The list includes wires, tape for various industries. There are also ropes. Consumers have already received the new products. They were sent an experimental...

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